KUD Ars Haliaeti

Kulturno umetniško društvo Ars Haliaeti / Associazione culturale artistica Ars Haliaeti

Cultural Arts Society Ars Haliaeti

Bringing music to where it belongs—everywhere.

Since 2011 we are striving to provide an ideal creative environment to talented young artists so they can receive an exceptional education and engage in a global cultural exchange.

The Masterclasses Haliaeti Summer Academy is our main project that has been held annually ever since its establishment. Throughout the years, we had as our guests more than twenty world-renowned musicians who gave lessons, master classes, and lectures to over 150 gifted young students from over 20 countries. This project allows young musicians from all across the world to get in touch with different cultures and programs that would otherwise be practically inaccessible to them.

One of our biggest successes is the collaboration with the University of Florida. With our combined efforts we managed to introduce the American academic system to four piano students, who are currently pursuing their undergraduate and graduate degrees with full scholarships at the aforementioned insitution. Many of our past participants entered elite programs and a few of them currently occupy important positions, such as the 1st violin section of the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Moreover, the beauty of Slovenia, especially its picturesque coast, is a strength we would like to present—along with the Slovenian culture—to foreign visitors; at the same time we would like to help our local community get in touch with a more international cultural scene. The nurturing and exchange of ideas is the foundation and key for progress and development; fortunately for us, art is a universal language.


Rok Palčič, president