The tuition fee does not include lodging and meals. However our society has an agreement with the nearby Koper Student Residencies, which offers a rate starting at 17,50€/night (4-bed room). There is a 3,50€ surcharge for breakfast. A further discount is offered for a 9-night package, the cost of which starts at 122,50€. There are also 2- and 3-bed rooms available. Please contact us for detailed prices. The rooms will be reserved  for Masterclass participants only.

Meals (lunch and dinner) will also be offered at a discount rate of 6,50€/day. The restaurant is located directly in one of the buildings the lessons will take place in and the quality is excellent!

When applying, please indicate your choice on the application form and we will get you in touch with the Student Residencies or the Koper Music School, who will take care of the rest of the booking process. We will however supervise the process and will help you out in case of need.