Matej Plevnik, kinesiology

Matej PlevnikMatej Plevnik, a kinesiologist, was born in Ljubljana, where he graduated from in physical training at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana. In 2014, he is finishing his doctoral study in the field of kinesiology – the science of human movement. He also graduated from the Music School, piano and solo singing, as well as in organ music at the Organ School Ljubljana. As an organist and singer he has performed at many concerts. He regularly attends seminars in the field of music.

From 2009 he has been employed as assistant in the field of kinesiology at the Institute for Kinesiology Research and at the study programme Applied Kinesiology at the University of Primorska. He is an author and co-author of many manuals, professional and scientific papers. He cooperates in many national and international projects. As lecturer he attends many professional and scientific conferences. His professional and research focus is aimed in the field of motor development and motor learning and in linking the knowledge in the fields of kinesiology and music.

Matej is developing a method which connects the contents of kinesiology and music and is designed for musicians. The aim of this method is the development of body characteristics and functional skills in order to prevent specific injuries. The results of the method are seen in improved functional skills (flexibility of the body, finger speed etc.), in the development of body posture, breathing capabilities, increased sensory, motor and cognitive skills, and in the decreased number of injuries and fatigue. The general aim of method is to enable musicians to remain healthy and successful during rehearsals and stage performing.